STRIP Cards v0.14 - Preview #3: New Features

All cards getting a fresh coat of paint this update! Check out all of what's getting updated in the preview~

7/15/20231 min read

Got a few highly requested features and bugs to go over this week~


  • Discard Pile Drawer - See which cards you've discarded so far. Many TCG enthusiasts have requested this feature!

  • Card & Outfit Compendium - You'll be able to see which cards you haven't collected yet, as well as which packs to find them in!

🐛Bug Fixes

  • Pack Rewards - A bug was recently discovered that the Pack Rewards are not accurate to the indicators on the Difficulty selection page. Currently, Arc, K.C., Syd, Mimi, and Mascot all give Basic Packs as their rewards. This will be fixed in the next version so that:

  • Arc - Physical Packs

  • Stella - Magical Packs

  • K.C. - Physical Packs

  • Aya - Mental Packs

  • Syd - Physical Packs

  • Mimi - Magic Packs

  • Mascot - Mental Packs

  • There is also an issue with Codes giving the wrong Pack rewards. This will also be fixed in the next version 👍

Sorry for the confusion with Deck Building 🙏 I'm also working on new ways to get the cards you want so you will be able to quickly build your perfect deck. A feature where you can select a Card Fragment after each win is in progress. I'll go over that system in more detail next time~!

Code: FeelinGood - 1 Pack