Train Arc's blowjob skills with sandwiches


  • Hold Spacebar/Left Mouse Button/Touch Screen - Diamond moves LEFT

  • Do nothing - Diamond moves RIGHT


  • Time the diamond to the center of the Arc Icon to get maximum points

  • Miss to lose points

  • Time the diamond to the random Star ⭐ in the center to get bonus points

  • Upon filling up the bar, move to the next animation and fill one of the dots ⚪

  • After filling the dots ⚪, continue filling the drops 💧 to get a better win animation

  • Fill all the drops 💧 and the star ⭐ to get the final animation (and bragging rights!)

  • Unlock Sandwich Mode and Free Play by filling at least one drop 💧


This is a very short game I created to test my rigging and coding abilities. Please enjoy despite its duration 🙏