STRIP Cards v0.14 - Preview #2: Card Enhancements✨

All cards getting a fresh coat of paint this update! Check out all of what's getting updated in the preview~

5/19/20232 min read

For v0.14, every current card will be getting polished up. I've been taking a look at every current card in the game and seeing what it needs to be spiced up a bit. Breaking it down into 3 categories: Balance, Visual Effects, and Bonus Indicators.


  • Freeze - Reduced damage to 0. This will help prevent Freeze spam decks

  • Breeze - Changed bonus damage to 5+ Cards in opponent's hand. New effect is this: 0 Cards = 0 damage, 1~4 cards = 10 dmg & -1 card, 5+ cards = 20 dmg & -2 cards

  • Jealousy - Damage is capped based on cards in your Deck + Discard. Every 10 cards in both piles will add +10 dmg to your maximum (capped at 30).

  • Additional cards may be added over time

✨Visual Effects

  • Character Helper Cards - All character Helper Cards now have voice lines that will play when you use them

  • Hybrid Deck Attack Cards - These cards will have an extra sound that plays when the conditions are met

  • Special Attack Effects - These cards will all be given new effects: Mana Blast, Brushfire, Thunderstrike, Garbage Day, and RAGE

  • Charging Cards - These cards will have a clear indicator for how much damage they'll do, as well as a new animation for while the attack is gaining power: Blind Rage, Hand Heal, Inner Peace, Jealousy, and Civil Agreement

  • Status Effects - Card-specific status effects will be updated: Freeze (deck is frozen over until the effect ends), Target, Trap, Balancing Act, and RAGE

➡Bonus Indicators

All cards will now show either Red indicators (for bonus damage being applied to specific outfits), or Yellow indicators (for gaining a Status effect when the condition is met).

Balancing Act - Discard Pile will now show an additional indicator when Balancing is active to show clearly what bonus you'll get when discarding the card: Damage, Rainbow Energy, or Additional Mana.

Progress on Roguelike Mode is going a bit slowly (mostly thanks to Tears of the Kingdom). Next week, I'll be focusing on getting Arc's BJ Training v1.1 finished and back up 💪 I'll keep everyone updated, so look forward to it!

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