STRIP Cards v0.14 - Preview #1: New Cards 🃏

New cards and new status effects!


5/14/20231 min read

New Cards: Trap, Hand Healer, and Target

Trap - Physical - Requires 1 Physical Energy - 10 Dmg, applies Trapped to one outfit

Hand Healer - Helper - Discard your hand. Heal +10 HP per card discarded (Up to +40 HP)

🎯 Target - Helper - Select an outfit the Opponent will attack next turn. Expires after 1 turn.

Outfit Status: Trapped

The next time the opponent uses the ability on this outfit, remove Trapped and deal damage based on how many visible outfits the Opponent has.

Ex: Hat and Legs showing deals 20 Dmg. Only Undies showing deals 10 Dmg.

Next week, we'll take a peek at how the Roguelike Mode is coming along~

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