STRIP Battle Action Cards v0.13 OUT NOW!

Full Preview out on Patreon, Arc Demo on!


5/5/20232 min read

All features in [Full Preview], all current opponents included (Arc, Stella, K.C., Aya, Syd, Mimi, Mascot)

4 New Codes at the bottom!!!

⚠ Please report any bugs you find to me in the replies~ ❤

v0.13 [Arc Demo] Updates:

  • New Premade Decks (Each deck has new cards and unique Outfit Abilities to try)

  • Bug fixes

v0.13 [Full Version] Patreon Updates:

🐻New Opponent: Mascot

🎙 SpicyBarMaiden

  • Uses Blindness and Poison attacks

  • Blindness: Covers the UI (HP/Deck Count/Hand/Opponent Info). Everything is still interactable.

  • Poison: Deals 1 damage randomly to your outfit per card interacted with (Drawn/Discarded/Played)

Challenge Mode - Mascot

Dueling against Mascot on Challenge difficulty will increase Poison damage by 1 for each outfit on either side that is destroyed. Poison also persists the entire match. Using Mascot (Helper) will not trigger Poison.

🃏New cards:

  • 🔪 Virgin Killer (Physical Attack) - Deal 10 Dmg. +20 Dmg for attacking an outfit with no Color Tag on it yet.

  • Balancing Act (Helper) - Gain the Balancing status. The next card you discard will have a bonus effect:

🔵 Energy - 10 Damage to opponent's outfit. Random target
🟡 Attack - Gain a Rainbow Energy card
🟤 Helper - +2 Mana (in addition to the +1 from discarding)

  • 🐻Mascot (Helper) - Draw up to 2 cards from your Discard pile. Cannot draw other Mascot (Helper) cards in this way

🎩New Outfit Abilities:

  • Beaver Head: 5 Mana, Draw 1 card + an additional card per defeated outfit on your side

  • Beaver Tail: 3 Mana, Discard 5 cards from your Deck

✨ QoL Updates

  • Optional Code [GiveMeAllCharacters]: Unlock all current and future characters

  • Packs have had their card rates adjusted: 1x Basic Attacks, 2x Special Attacks, 1x Helper

  • Gave Mimi a hard-on 🍆

  • Arc, Aya, and Mimi now have pubic tufts 🌾 (Adding a toggle option in v0.14)

Known Bugs:

  • Most of the settings in the Settings page don't work properly. Will fix these in future updates.

  • Some Gallery options are not optimizedArc's undies not showing
    Stella's outfit colors swapped

  • DeckBuilder sometimes enables buttons that shouldn't be enabled

  • Some cards are missing SFX or Graphics

  • Nudist Mode doesn't work with Mascot

Code: ItsGettingHotInHere [1 Physical Pack]
Code: FuzzyBuddy [1 Magic Pack]
Code: GoodToBeBack [1 Mental Pack]

[Full Preview] contains all 7 current opponents!

Future Updates:


  • Roguelike Mode

  • Daily Log In Rewards

  • New Cards

  • New Lewd animated loops for all characters

  • Soundboard for Gallery (Music and Voices)

  • Tons of Bug Fixes

  • Tons of Graphic Optimization (New Menus, Faster Android build)


  • Characters: Angel Aya, Demon Arc, DLC Characters

  • New Cards

  • New Abilities