Arc's BJ Training v1.1 - Preview #1

New version of Arc's BJ Training returning to itch with new features!

5/16/20231 min read

Arc's BJ Training is returning to itch with new content soon! Here's a few of the new features coming when it returns:

New Dicks

A few new types of dick will be available in the new version. Only visual update, no gameplay mechanics added this time.

  • Eggplant

  • Dildo

  • Hot Dog

File Save

You'll be able to unlock and enable the dicks after beating the game a single time. A small oversight with how incredibly useful this feature would have been!

Difficulty Balance

The final difficulty will be toned down a touch. Most of the feedback was that it was way too difficult, while only a few people were able to beat it 100%. This should keep things challenging, while not being totally unfair~